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Peace of Mind

Our specialised virtual assistants (VAs) are here to take on the work that is taking you away from what you're best at - your client focused work.

We provide the perfect solution for every professional who needs to focus on the important aspects of their business.

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Abbott Virtual Assistants was formed by Siobhan Abbott to bring together returning to work parents, to create a wealth of business experiences and expertise for our clients. 

All our VAs have either returned to work from career breaks in professional industries or are moving into the new arena of virtual work, freeing them from large organisation constraints. Our VAs' client history include working with KPMG, PwC, Huntswood CTC, LandSecurities Trillium, CIT, T-Mobile, McDonalds, Diagio, Kodak, Government departments, charities.

Our highly skilled VAs are all either university graduates or highly qualified and experienced administrators, and are flexible, efficient, and easy to work with. By working with our VAs, you get to focus on what really matters, while someone else handles your day-to-day, mundane tasks.

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